Where we work?

1. Amman, 2010.

The main operations of PTI started in Amman 2010 and therefore this center is the main headquarters for the institute. It currently has multiple projects and will continue to expand over time based on the needs of the community. Some of the projects include The Aftercare Program – a program to provide psychosocial, academic and vocational support for orphaned and abandoned youth between the age of 18-24 with a focus on social integration.

  • Productive and income-generating projects that include: Ne’meh Kitchen, Ne’meh Bakery, Tailor Shop, Soap for Hope, VIP Gifts, a Gelato Project (Dolce Futuro) and a Graphic Design division.
  • Specialized empowerment, education, and training in various fields for at-risk youth especially orphaned and abandoned youth after the age of 18.
  • Soaps for hope project, where soaps are recycled to reproduce soap
  • Dolce Futuro – Italian Gelato project
  • The Measurement and Diagnosis Centre (MDC) – an accredited center for measurement and diagnosis of different abilities and assessments of early intervention.

2. Ghor Safi, 2015.

Ghor Safi 2015 PTI – Project Ne’meh focuses on training the ladies on reducing food wastage, processing and packing vegetables.

3. Ghor Fefa, 2015.

PTI Ghor Fefa is a women empowerment centre that focuses on empowerment through handcrafts especially ones that the basic materials are easily available in the local community. THis centre focuses on reviving and developing the traditional art crafts related to wool which include spinning, dying, weaving and felting. In collaboration withe Pure Felt Switzerland, Ms. Dianne Scheppers, PTI started Pure Felt Jordan to provide women in poverty pockets with a full time job and various livelihood opportunities. The Pure Felt project employs more than 30 women and has been able to sustain itself through the production of high quality products by the women that are sold to generate income. Furthermore, PTI constantly adds new knowledge and crafts to develop more unique products including sisal baskets, beeding and other similar crafts.

4. Irbid, 2016.

PTI Irbid center provides a platform for support and training in various fields including psychosocial support, legal support, and vocational training and a center for measurement and diagnosis. Furthermore, Irbid centre has a specialised room for the MEasurement and Diagnosis Centre.

5. Ajloun, 2016.

PTI Ajloun has three centers in Kufranja:

  • A center for vocational training, empowerment, and production.
  • A farm for the Damascus rose, wild herbs and aromatic herbs.
  • Dar Ne’meh Ajloun includes a traditional restaurant, an essential oil distillation plant and a gift shop to sell the products of the ladies. This location is aimed at encouraging tourists both local and international to visit the beautiful town of Kufranja and support the community by buying from the various products of the homes based businesses as well as having a meal.

6. Jerash, 2016.

PTI Jerash center provides a platform for support and training in various fields including psychosocial support, legal support, and vocational training. Additionally, a variety of productive projects including a Taylor shop, dairy kitchen, Beauty Saloon and a center for measurement and diagnosis.

7. Jabal Weibdeh – Dar Ne’meh, 2019.

A multipurpose location in Jabal Weibdeh that is created to provide access to the market for a variety of products for Home-Based Businesses across the Kingdom. This is done by attracting people to come and enjoy breakfast, coffee, work, study and relax in the available indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. This location provides a platform to support local products, women and home based businesses to ensure their livelihoods are improved for their families and communities as a whole.

8. Citadel, Coming Soon.

9. Al Mafraq – Safawi, Coming Soon.

10. Al Zarqa, Coming Soon.

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