• The German GIZ training project for employment with the organization:

    It is a project to develop and empower women in areas of poverty pockets, where 100 women are trained every six months in various traditional crafts and food industries and many professions that provide job opportunities for professions after the completion of each training, and the program lasts for two years and gives more From eight provinces.

  • The International Labour Organisation (ILO) – Training for the Purpose of Employment

    This is a technical vocational training project that focuses on providing 100 women in 5 different governorates the ability to become specialised in a few predetermined handicrafts with a focus on the natural resources in their areas. This project aims to provide women with economic independence through providing various livelihood opportunities or the provision of job opportunities.

  • The European Union (EU)- Putting words into action towards eliminating sexual and gender based violence.

    It is a project directed at girls in general with a focus on orphans from the age of 14 to 18 and single mothers from the age of 18 to 30, in order to enable them, cognitively and socially to stand against gender based violence of all shapes and forms. The project will support local CBO’s to create safe spaces in 8 – 10 governorates that are available for women of all ages to seek in a time of need. And most importantly a unified and updated Referral system The local authority for the protection of women and directing them to the concerned authorities in case they are exposed to any form of violence.

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – Empowering Home Based Businesses

    It is a project to support and enable home-based businesses lead by women across the kingdom by providing them with access to the market. Some of these businesses have already established their products and followed the full health regulations, and some undergo training in marketing skills, product packaging, branding, financial matters, and other similar topics that are essential for owning their own businesses. The most important deliverable of this project is opening Dar Ne’meh which is the platform that gathers all these various products.

  • The Royal Hashemite Court – Productive Youth

    Is one of the initiatives of His Majesty King Abdallah the second, to enable craftsmen with a focus on the youth in all governorates to assist them in developing their products to the highest levels of quality, design, and packaging. After doing so the project will provide them with various marketing opportunities through providing gift packages for annual gifts, including gifts of the Royal Hashemite Court. This project trained and equipped more than 40 young craftsmen and women.

  • United National Development Program (UNDP) – My Right and My Duty

    It is a project to empower teenage girls about their different rights, especially with regard to early marriage, the juvenile law and contemporary educational challenges facing our societies, such as harassment and bullying. The project aims to empower these young girls from a young age to have the knowledge to protect themselves and other girls in their communities.

  • United Nations Development Program ( UNDP) – Legal aid and psychological counseling

    This project was focused on supporting women in the governorates by making them aware of their legal rights. Additionally, through this project, PTI established specialized legal help desks in Irbid and Jerash that provided free legal services for the purpose of Alternative Dispute resolution in order to avoid certain cases that can be resolved easily to reach the courts. Additionally, the legal help desks has psychological and social support specialists to assist in other factors of cases. One of the most important results of the project is a series of Guideline manuals that are free and were distributed to other local CBO’s to be used to educate women about their various rights.

  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Economic empowerment and livelihood program

    It is a project to empower women on economic independence, which was implemented in the governorates of Jerash and Irbid, and to obtain vocational training specializing in food processing and sewing. At the end of the training, the women were provided with a basic kit that they can use to practice what they learn even from home this included sewing machines, beauty kits and food processors. A total of 60 women were trained of a combination of Jordanian and Syrian women.

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