Productive projects

  • Productive Kitchen Project (Ne’meh kitchen and bakery).

    The project provides cooking and catering services from a menu with a wide variety of dishes ranging from mains, cold mezze, to bread and other bakery snacks. from main foods and cold and hot mezza’s and sweets to the local community, institutions or individuals, in addition to providing individual meals. This project also includes various food products such as jams, pickles, dairy products, cheeses, and others.

  • Embroidery (Jerash and Amman).

    Fashion design, sewing, and development project – Amman and Jerash.
    Designing a distinguished group of fancy dress for different personalities and ages, in addition to home products and uniforms for various functions such as nursing, housekeeping, hospitality and all kinds of services, in addition to various craftsmanship products such as bags and notebooks, worn with cloth, folders, and others. The project also includes embroidery services on cloth and embroidery various logos.

  • Craft and gifts project.

    It is a distinguished art project that includes products for a traditional Jordanian crafts such as pottery, ceramics, wood of all kinds, drawing, dotting, copper, mosaic, manual agricultural embroidery, fabric, and others, which can be purchased from the institution as gifts for major companies in festivals and occasions, in addition to the printing service on fabric, t-shirts, charts, magazines and various artistic products Creative.

  • Dolce Futuro. Ice cream production project – Amman, Jerash, and Ajloun.

    It is a project that was carried out in cooperation with the Italian organization, Wind of the Earth and with the support of the Italian government, where it provided training and qualification to eighty women from Amman, Jerash, and Ajloun to learn how to make ice cream (Italian gelato), and then provided the institution with special machines for the production of gelato, frozen milk, and sorbet, and It can be purchased from the institution or through sites that have been agreed with the private sector. And this project is considered zero kilometers because it is 100% local production.

  • National Youth Forum in Irbid

    It is a project with UNDP to motivate local youth to social work and social responsibility in Irbid where there’s a group of Jordanians and Syrians they got up a lot of activates just like a summer club of children, In-Kind donations and Hygiene campaigns for schools and drawing on the wall

  • Soaps for Hope

    This project was started in Jordan as a collaboration with Diversey Company and the IHG Hotels chain in order to recycle the used soaps from the hotels and generate income for youth and women through this project. Diversy company provided PTI with a full training on the method of sanitizing the used soap and how to reshape and recycle it. This project today has provided multiple job opportunities and livelihood opportunities for women and youth especially with special needs in both Amman and Jerash

  • Internship Program

    This program is aimed for local and International university and highschool students. This program is very flexible where PTI creates specialized service programs or research programs based on the area of interest of the students. We encourage high school students to utilize their holidays by serving their communities and hence we provide them with these internship opportunities. As for the University students, our internship program is more professional and research-based. PTI has various agreements with organizations such as The University of Sheffield, that provide the opportunity for 2 – 3 students per year to carry out their master’s thesis research in various topics. Another agreement is with a German Federation that sends two students eyer year to volunteer with PTI for a whole year. Finally agreements with Jordanian Universities and schools to allow opportunities for volunteering, research, and work placements. This program is open for any interested student that would like to give their time and gain experience from working with PTI.

  • Yearly Events and Activities

    PTI carries out multiple events and activities on an annual basis.

    1. The annual Fundraising Gala Dinner to support the ongoing efforts of PTI
    2. Souq Ne’meh – a local market that provides access tot he market for home bases businesses throughout the spring and summer time
    3. The International conference for Measurement and DIagnosis
    4. Specialised vocational training courses in various fields including Measurement and Diagnosis, Home Nursing, Child Minding, Baking and confectionary, various traditional handcrafts and more similar specialised training course.
  • PTI’s Educational Scholarships – The Princess Taghrid Educational Scholarships

    PTI provides a number of Educational Scholarships yearly in collaboration with local and international universities.

    • Full Fees Scholarship at the Ahliyya Amman University for BA
    • Full Fees Scholarship at the Khawarizmi International College for a Diploma in Art
    • Partial Fees Scholarship at the Khawarizmi International College for Training Diplomas
    • Full Fees scholarships at the Ammoun Applied University College for various courses in culinary arts
    • Fulls Fees Scholarship at the University of Lahore in Lahore – Pakistan
    • Partial Fees Scholarships at the University of Lahore in Lahore – Pakistan
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