Our services reach out to women in 12 governates across the country.

By empowering women in our society, we help empower generations to come. Our projects have helped train underprivileged women on productive skills and guided them to a career path were they can support their families with sustainable income. Nothing makes us prouder than growing a family of trained and developed women all over the country who are skilled and self-reliant.

Our Main Development Goals

Quality Education

Sustainable Projects

Supportive Partnerships

Lower Unemployment

Empowering Women

A Better

The Princess Taghrid Institute For Development And Training (PTI) was established to enable, rehabilitate and empower orphaned and abandoned girls after the age of 18, due to the discrimination, labeling and rejection they faced when integrated into the local community.

we are on a mission


Let's Change The

World With Humanity

Delivering help and hope to our beneficiaries

Women we empowered
Distribution Campaigns
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