Targeted Group of Trainees

Our main targeted groups to be trained and employed through PTI are orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged youth. This criterion is set in order to help these youth develop a sustainable income to thrive in their future lives through either working in one of the projects of PTI after they receive the training or help employ them externally. WE also aim to help them develop their future goals and aspiration and instill positivity and forward thinking in their approach to life through exposing them to the beauty of arts and handcrafts.

Additionally, we aim to support the following individuals:

  • Those with special needs and down syndrome. Arts and handcrafts act as a great support for individuals with special needs especially since there are many ways for them to be able to express themselves without the need for language and technical skills.
  • School and college students. We provide workshops and training sessions for students of all ages to partake in them during their holidays and free time to help them develop artistic skills and raise awareness on the importance of arts and crafts in developing creativity and supporting the community as a whole.
  • Women of the community. Providing them with the chance to develop certain skills which they can apply in their household and general community.
  • Local NGOs and charitable institutions in the rural parts of Jordan. Providing women and youth with various training courses and helping them establish individual beneficial projects in their rural communities.
  • Talented and gifted individuals. To allow them to further develop their artistic abilities through professional artistic training.

Job Opportunities for our graduates

At PTI we allow our trainees to specialize in one of the arts, crafts or service section available at the institute. These areas include arts, handcrafts, tailoring, catering, service, health and wellbeing or child minding. We have established collaboration with a variety of external companies and institutions which provide Job offers for our trainees after they graduate and pass their probation period. Our graduates will have the chance to be employed in well established institutions and use all the knowledge and skills they have gained through being trained with PTI. Based on the above, our graduates can work in a variety of field and we always look forward to building new relations with any interested parties.